Bloons Tower Defense 5


Bloons tower defense 5 is a new version in the series and it comes with new features while keeping up with the favorite features.  The game has much awesomeness with the tower upgrades that are super cool with the super activated abilities with fun new tracks with new bloon types.  The game includes daily challenges, daily rewards, agent towers, and special agent towers.


Bloons tower defense 5 is a defense game and it came to tighten up the overwhelming demand for the new Bloons Tower Defense game and it has new features: the moving parts and tunnels for the tracks, the newest version that it is not BTD5 Deluxe or multiplayer yandere simulator.  The game has additional tracks that have been updated. It has extreme difficulty level that was introduced and ZOMG additions. The additional features of the game include the Sniper Monkey, Monkey village, Monkey Beacons, Monkey sub, Ninja Monkey and Sniper Monkey. Camo bloons are found on different types and they continue to be camo until you have  popped off all the submerged, cleansing and signal flare monkey. The game has regrowth bloons that were added with daily challenges, special missions, special agents, monkey money, special abilities and special building with the accounts.  In game cash is Kreds or NK coins while the game has awesome points with 3D tracks.


Game Play

To play the game, you should unlock the mad snowman when he makes the cameo appearance on the main menu in the Christmas theme.  There is a certain rank that it is required so that it can unlock the extreme tracks and the expert. A person can press a certain key and he can allow the tower to move without having to move the mouse in order to select it.  From the time that a Tribal Turtle special agent was added, the music is now even faster-paced with the new pictures that appear for every specific upgrade. The sounds that are heard while upgrading the towers; are the sounds that were heard in the Bloons 2. Contrary to Bloons TD 4 game, the player will have to collect the banana found from a banana farm. The green floppy disk is a symbol in upper right corner and it means that there is a good connections while orange or a red one means that the game has not synchronized with the server and it is possible that you may lose all the future progress up to the time that the sign can change to go back in the green once again.  You are not able to earn the awesome points and Monkey money and medals if the game has not synchronized once again.



The track difficult means that the game is challenging to be beaten and the three difficult models for every track are easy, medium or hard. For every level, the price changes, the number of the rounds and the speed of the bloons. The game comes with a 3rd online game.  The game can be build with the sections of bloons path and there is extreme difficulty level which does not have any save feature value.